Cool Vibration = Pure Love

Iona Sahaj Yogi wrote on January 31

Dear brothers, a river of cool vibrations of love and support .. that's all I have felt ... so many sahaj yogis I;ve recognized from all over the world, Italy, Austria, Romania, France, Germany, USA, Australia ..even from South Africa :-)) and more will come .. we did a havan in Oakville with the Halton family yesterday and we put all and every problems related to Kavoos. Slava was there too :-) Just a feedback for you .. There is a river of love and support that comes this way .. for sure that not only Kavoos will benefit .. but the justice itself , also Iran, Canada .. we all.. awakening, yes, these are times for awakening .. I almost tremble feeling so much pure love and support that come this way  triggered by Kavoos .. Please, send him our love .. please if you see him, tell him how much we love him .. Yours, ioana